Fix for Canon LiDE 200 scanner error code 2,252,0

My scanner made a terrible little struggling noise and reported something like “Cannot write or read file. Code 2,252,0” in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

I thought I had a hardware problem. I even connected the scanner to other computers and it still reported same/similar errors depending on the OS and made terrible crunching sounds.

Even though it was obviously a hardware error I Googled the error message (protip: always Google the error message) and waded through the usual ad-spam support sites and found this link that brought me much joy.

The steps are reproduced here for reference:

  1. Activate the utility “MP navigator EX” [ed – I had to download it first]
  2. On the left-top click on Scan/Import [ed – And then I selected the Photos/Documents (platen) option]
  3. Click on “specify” (i.e. the settting for scan import) and change them to 75dpi and uncheck everything (I only needed to uncheck the “unsharp mask”). [ed – I just changed to 75dpi]
  4. Test it now and it will work. [ed – To test I scanned a page]

This seemed to trigger a long-ish recalibration of the scanner, and it now works fine in any application. It works fine on all of the computers it failed on before.

Anyway, kudos to giogio123 for the tip!

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