Improved boot times: Vista vs Windows 7

I think it was Andrew who pointed me to Soluto as a method of improving boot times on Windows PCs.

I have mentioned before that my Vista-running X61 tablet takes a while to boot. Soluto measured boot time at just over 10 minutes. I followed its advice, and through delaying and removing various crapware and legitimate startup programs I got boot time down to 5 minutes and 10 seconds.

Emboldened, this weekend I took some advice from Ian’s comments on my last post and shelled out AU$300 for a copy of Windows 7 Professional (upgrade).

Now, with a few tweaks recommended by Soluto I’m recording a consistent boot time of 1 minute 35 seconds.

My aging tablet feels like new again (during boot).

Update: Actually, it feels pretty snappy since the Windows 7 makeover and some hybrid SSD drive loving. Boot time is now a shade under a minute and application launches are snappier than they’ve ever been.

2 thoughts on “Improved boot times: Vista vs Windows 7”

  1. I’ve had the same boot time issues with my X61 tablet and have been thinking of installing Windows 7. Glad to hear you’re happy with it. I think I’ll take the plunge on a weekend when I have some time to install it. Any advice before starting?

  2. I thoroughly recommend it if you can afford the upgrade.

    I ran the Win7 upgrade advisor before I performed the upgrade. I removed a bunch of stuff it recommended including iTunes and some older crapware. It’s hard to tell how much it helped, but apart from a good set of recent backups, this is probably a good risk-mitigation step.

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